Pars Anatolian Drilling Contracting was established as a subsidiary of BM Group, with the purpose of putting BM’s over 10-years’ expertise, manpower, equipment and facilities, including manufacturing of oilfield drilling rigs, at the service of the oil, gas and geothermal E&P sector.


Pars Anatolian provides services primarily to the oil & gas and geothermal sectors, while the company also carries references in deep & complex water wells. Pars provides a wide spectrum of services from drilling planning and drilling to well completion, logging and production testing.


Latest services also include coiled tubing drilling, 2-7/8” dia. CTU high-volume acid stimulation and E-coil services.



Pars Anatolian is managed by a dynamic and highly qualified team that is committed to our corporate values and identity, in addition to the ability to adapt the changing needs of the industry very quickly. Pars has strong bonds with its operator and well equipment manufacturer sister companies which operate under the parent company – BM Holding, to produce equipment to meet the requirements and priorities set by the sector.



Our Story


Pars was created, initally offering cored-drilling and slickline temperature logging services for Turkey’s geothermal sector.

Cementing Services

Pars launched its cementing services, by adding a cementing unit to its equipment inventory.

Conventional Drilling

Pars expanded its service line by adding geothermal drilling services. Pars rigs were equipped to run on grid electricity for significant cost savings.

High Volume Cementing

Pars cementing capabilities were increased by adding batch mixers for high volume cementing operations.

Coıled Tubıng & Nıtrogen Pumpıng

First coiled tubing fleet, including a high capacity nitrogen pumper was acquired and Pars Coiled Tubing Services were launched.

E-Line Unit

Pars became the first company in the Turkish geothermal energy sector to provide e-line logging and associated services.

Drilling Rig "ATLAS"

Pars added 225-ton state of the art drilling “Atlas” rig to its fleet. Pars Djibouti was founded, starting Pars’s first international project in Asal Fiale Geothermal Field.

Coiled Tubing Unit "WHIPLASH"

Pars added 2-7/8” coiled tubing and CT-drilling capabilities to its services by acquiring its second coiled tubing unit.

CNC Machining

Pars established Pars Machining, with 4 specialized CNC tooling benches and started manufacturing wellhead and testing equipment and spare parts.

Pars Ukraine

Pars Ukraine was established, for provision cementing and specialty drilling side-services in Ukraine.

Pars Anatolian Drilling Contacting Co., is a Subsidiary of BM Holding Inc.

The fields of activity of BM Group, which started in 1972 in construction contracting, has grown to comprise energy generation (hydroelectricity, geothermal energy and biogas) since 1986, greenhouse horticulture since 2009 and drilling contracting and oilfield equipment manufacture since 2012. BM identifies its competitive advantage in effective utilization of value engineering, extensive R&D and a bold approach towards innovation.